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Date(s) - July 29, 2017
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Beth Yeshua


Foundation Class – Required for Membership


Held for 5 Shabbats in a row: July 29th, August 5th, August 12th, August 19th, and August 26th – 2017


Heart of the Class: For Jewish and non-Jewish believers in the Messiah to understand the historical, theological, and halachic roots of the Messianic Jewish Movement.

Who is this Class for: This class is designed to inform ANYONE who is curious what Messianic Judaism is all about!

messy logo icon blackHave you ever thought: When I Google “Messianic Judaism” there is a TON of information out there – which Messianic Judaism is “correct”? When and how did the modern movement of Messianic Judaism begin? What is the theology of Messianic Judaism currently – is there theological agreement with Christianity – is there theological agreement with Traditional Judaism? What is the future goal of Messianic Judaism? Where does Beth Yeshua fall on the Messianic Jewish spectrum in relation to theology and halacha?

Length: 5 Classes. These classes DO have to be taken in order and must be registered for in advance.

Scheduling: This class is offered nearly continuously during the year as long as there are 10 committed people signed up to take the entire course. This is the second “foundational class” for people to understand the heart and purpose of Beth Yeshua. Signing up in advance IS required. To sign up contact Rosh Kehilah J. Rubinstein at: rosh@bethyeshua.org

Topics Include: Week 1 – History of Messianic Judaism (some from 35-160 A.D. then 1940’s-present); Week 2 – Theology and Halacha of Messianic Judaism; Week 3 – Where Beth Yeshua “stands” theologically; Week 4 – The halacha of Beth Yeshua; 5) Final thoughts and an open question forum!

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