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Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation especially welcomes Jewish people, interfaith couples, and people from every nation who love the Jewish people! All are welcome to join our services!

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What is Beth Yeshua’s purpose?

We are a community who desire to know God intimately. We love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. To know God and love Him is THE MOST important thing we do as a community.

Out of our community’s love for God springs a deep desire for God’s Jewish People to know God’s Moshiach, Yeshua (Jesus)!

Yeshua was not just a nice Jewish Rabbi … He is also the Jewish Messiah! This truth means that every Jewish person can do more than simply follow Yeshua and learn from His teachings as a learned Rabbi. We can follow Yeshua as our Mosiach and King – and through Him experience a powerful intimacy with God!

Is it really possible to know God intimately?

We believe that the death and resurrection of our Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus) has spiritually changed this world so that EVERYONE can KNOW God! No longer is relationship with God just reserved for Moses, Samuel, David, or Isaiah. We can all know God and love Him.

Is anyone welcome to attend services?

Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation especially welcomes Jewish people, interfaith couples, and people from every nation who love the Jewish people! All are welcome to join our services!

We see our community, fundamentally, as a synagogue and not a church. This can seem a bit confusing at first because we share with the Christian community a belief in Yeshua. But, as an expression of Jewish life, we are a synagogue. (A church, by definition, is a multi-ethnic community of believers and is therefore, different from a synagogue).

Our synagogue has a deep appreciation for the Church in its many denominations. We share a sense of spiritual brotherhood in Yeshua. In fact, we see the unity of church and synagogue as central to God’s plan for our world!

Click here to read Beth Yeshua’s Halacha on Jewish Identity



What branch of Judaism is Beth Yeshua part of?

We are a member congregation of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC). You can see what the UMJC stands for theologically by going to We adhere to many of the UMJC’s central beliefs and theology.

Who does Beth Yeshua consider Jewish?

For a FULL list of our Jewish Identity Halacha – click on this link: LINK.

Because of the prophetic importance of our Jewish people returning to Israel and inviting Messiah, Yeshua to return – our Jewish identity halacha is based on the ability of a person to make aliyah (immigrate) to Israel.

Therefore, Beth Yeshua’s Elders halachically recognize as a Jew anyone who has physical evidence (perhaps a Brit Milah certificate, Bar or Bat Mitzvah certificate, Letter from a Rabbi, etc.) of a practicing Jewish Parent or Grandparent. This evidence must show not only physical Jewish ancestry, but also a direct tie to communal Jewish life within the previous two generations.

I had a relative tell me that our family was Jewish. Would I be considered Jewish under Beth Yeshua's Halacha?

All of our standards for Jewish identity must be established by tangible, physical evidence of Jewish descent and practice (ie. Jewish gravestones, B’rit Milah certificates, Bat Mitzvah certificates, Ketubbim, etc.)

Therefore, we DO NOT accept “word of mouth” confessions or testimonies of “Jewishness” that have been passed down by families.

To read our entire halacha regarding Jewish identity click here: LINK

Does Beth Yeshua accept DNA evidence that a person is Jewish?

We DO NOT recognize as Jewish those who claim to have Jewish DNA. DNA “evidence” is still primarily geographically based, and as such is a speculative science.

DNA “evidence” is also NOT allowed as proof for immigration to Israel. DNA evidence will probably never be allowed as proof for immigration to Israel since the current Palestinian people are an exact DNA match with current Israelis.

To read our entire halacha regarding Jewish identity click here: LINK

Do Gentiles have to become “Jewish” or “Hebraic” to worship the One True God?

For quite a long time in history, if a Gentile wanted to worship the One True God they had to attach themselves to the Jewish people.

But when the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus) died and rose from the dead, one of the things He accomplished supernaturally was to bring Gentiles into the fullness of intimacy with God without Gentiles having to become Jews!

For the first time in history intimacy with the living God was bigger than one ethnic group! Churches are a wonderful expression of this reality. Churches are a place of multi-ethnic community for worldwide believers. The calling of Beth Yeshua, however, is different than the “multi-ethnic community of worldwide believers.”

Our calling is to be a place for Jews to fall in love with Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah and to live out the distinct gifts and callings that God has given to Jews.

What are these "distinct callings" for Jews?

Jewish people need to wrestle with what it means to obey the commandments that God gave us in Torah to do “throughout our generations.” Therefore Jewish people need to meaningfully engage with some of the “peculiar” things that God asked us to do: celebrating Passover, the Feasts, circumcising our sons, wearing fringes on the borders of our garments, eating a peculiar way, etc.

Gentiles ARE NOT required to enter into these peculiarities as we read in the Book of Acts Chapter 15 and 21.

Can Gentiles "opt in" to the "peculiar life" of the Jewish people?

We have observed during our 20+ years as a community that when Gentiles try to take on the peculiarities of the Jewish people it often leads to very negative spiritual fruit in their personal life.

Without an explicit permission from the Holy Spirit, and the covering of the Elders of our community, we have seen “Gentile Observance” bring pride, dissension, identity confusion, and a blurring of “distinction for mutual blessing” that God Himself created.

Additionally, we have personally witnessed Gentiles who come to our congregation and think that their rediscovery of the “Hebrew Roots” of Christianity means that they need to somehow become more “Jewish” – that being “Jewish” or “Hebraic” makes them somehow more holy – or more connected to God. This is simply not true!

Aren’t all people equal before God? Why don't you allow non-Jews to call themselves Jews and take on Torah? Aren’t you discriminating against non-Jews?

Our world is quickly becoming a place in which people can “define” themselves. People can decide for themselves what is “true.” We at Beth Yeshua reject this post-modern philosophy.

In fact, we believe that “blurring lines” and “self-definition” are forms of lawlessness that are offensive to God. Jews have always believed in a God who creates distinction and calls it “good!” God created distinctions between light and dark and called it “good.” He divided land from water and called it “good.” Whether it be the waters below and waters above, man and woman, or Levite and Cohen – our God is clearly a God of distinction for mutual blessing.

Since our God believes that distinction is “good” we strongly believe that Gentiles should remain Gentiles – and Jews should remain Jews. (Acts 15 and 21) In the same vein, we also strongly believe that men should remain men, and women should remain women.

We DO NOT believe that these distinctions mean that one is superior to the other. Light is not superior to dark. Man is not superior to woman. Jew is not superior to gentile. Instead these distinctions simply mean that we have different gifts and callings on our lives.

We have different jobs to do – and these different gifts and callings are created by God through the power of the Ruach HaKodesh to build up the community – with each person playing their part.

Since I wouldn't be recognized as a Jew by you or the greater Jewish community - should I convert?

We, the Elders of Beth Yeshua, don’t believe that people should convert to Judaism, because there is no need for conversion in order for a person to experience intimacy with God! Jew and Gentile alike can equally come into the Holy of Holies through the blood of Yeshua the Final Atonement. We very much believe what Rav Sha’ul wrote in 1st Corinthians:

“Nevertheless, each person should live as a believer in whatever situation the Lord has assigned to them, just as God has called them. This is the rule I lay down in all the churches. Was a man already circumcised when he was called? He should not become uncircumcised. Was a man uncircumcised when he was called? He should not be circumcised. Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing. Keeping God’s commands is what counts. Each person should remain in the situation they were in when God called them.”

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