Messy 101 – Week Two – God is doing something AMAZING with the Nations (Gentiles)!


Primary Text: Romans 9

In this Teaching:  – In Romans 9 Rav. Shaul goes to great lengths to show that the Nations (Gentiles) are referred to as “My People” and “My Beloved” by God. It is clear from the prophets (and Romans) that the Nations have a PROFOUND role in the restoration of Israel and the expansion of the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

God has a passionate LOVE for the Nations!

So … if that’s the case … why does it feel like some Gentiles believe that it would be far better (or more special) to be part of Israel? And how can we fight against this – and have communities where Jews and Gentiles alike are celebrated, loved, and trained in their unique gifts and callings? In other words … how can we LIVE the Book of Romans in our unique Messianic Jewish communities?

Teacher: Rosh Ruby

Date: June 9, 2018
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