Important Details:

All of our Congregational Meetings are held in this lovely facility!

Our Shabbat Service will still be held at 10:30 a.m. every Saturday!

The street address of this new building is: 5801 2nd Ave, Sacramento, CA 95817

If the parking lot fills up, simply park anywhere on the street. Parking is free – but be careful not to block anyone’s driveway!


Outdoor areas for our children to play!

A Courtyard with a lovely tree for outdoor fellowship!

Dedicated classrooms for every age – child through adult!

Right off of the freeway in a lovely neighborhood!

Fully remodeled and updated sanctuary with a sound and lighting system!


An industrial Kitchen with … 2 of everything!

A Fellowship Hall for Oneg!

Parking spaces and free street parking!

A sanctuary that isn’t a squeeze!

A Permanent Office Space!

A sanctuary that we don’t have to set up and tear down each week!

A real relationship with the sister communties that share the building!

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