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Why do we ask if people are Jewish?

Some people who visit Messianic Jewish Congregations don’t understand that one cannot simply “self identify” as a Jew. The Jewish community worldwide has standards for whom they consider Jewish.

For example: Our community follows the position of Conservative Judaism of allowing for Paternal and Maternal descent of Jewish identity. Another example is that Beth Yeshua does not identify people as Jewish if their identity rests on a “vision from God” or “DNA evidence” or “a relative told me a story about our great grandmother” since none of these are considered criteria for Jewish identity or tied to the ability to immigrate to Israel.



What are our standards for Jewish Identity?

LINK to our Jewish Identity Halacha



Why isn’t our address on our website?

Because Beth Yeshua is an intentional community based on personal connection and personal invitation.

Too often in this world “religion” is treated as a product to be consumed rather than a community living life together.

Beth Yeshua wants to avoid this by being INTENTIONAL and PERSONAL in our community.

Additionally, Messianic Judaism is very unique! We are not simply a “Jewish Flavored Church” nor are we a place that desires to erase all distinction between Jew and Gentile. We are a community of both Jewish people and Gentile people who are purposefully pursuing life together out of love for our Jewish Messiah, Yeshua!

If this describes your heart and you feel that you would like to visit Beth Yeshua please fill out our simple and easy contact form! One of our amazing leaders will contact you and arrange a time to talk about your potential call to Messianic Judaism!

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