Beth Yeshua is a community of Jewish people, Intermarried Families, and Messianic Gentiles who love Yeshua the Jewish Messiah. We share a common faith, a common vision, and are bound together by our common love for Yeshua, our Jewish people, and each other.

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Beth Yeshua’s beginning was a small group effort.  Both the Rubinsteins and the Schleys had come from other states where they were part of Messianic Synagogues – the Rubinsteins from Adat Yeshua in New Mexico and the Schleys from Adat HaTikvah in Illinois.  Even though they were part of a small fellowship of primarily Jewish Believers in Yeshua in 1990, they were yearning to be part of a congregation again.  It was out of their heart-felt love for being in Jewish space that Beth Yeshua was born.

In the beginning, meetings were actually in Julia Schley’s home. As the group grew, they rented the Saturday use of Parkside Community Church in South Sacramento. Desiring a more central location, Beth Yeshua then rented space at the Four Square Church in downtown Sacramento.

After the Rubinsteins took a trip to Israel with New Hope Christian Church in 1996, they were invited to move their congregation to New Hope. This association was a very productive and enjoyable time for Beth Yeshua. In 2000, when New Hope bought a property further east, Beth Yeshua rented a facility at 9901 Horn Road in Sacramento. Beth Yeshua remained on Horn Road for nearly 15 years before moving to a shared space at Suite 2:10 in Midtown Sacramento. Suite 2:10 was an amazing space for our congregation; however we needed a larger facility for our growing needs.

Beth Yeshua now rents space in a beautiful building that hosts our morning Shabbat Services, Hebrew Classes, and has dedicated rooms for our children, as well as space for all our events – including a full kitchen! We can’t wait to see what God has planned for Beth Yeshua moving forward!

The founding vision of Beth Yeshua has always been one of providing a Jewish place of worship and community for Jewish Believers in Yeshua. Our continuing desire is to live this vision out as a healthy part of the Jewish community and the body of Believers in Sacramento.

We want to nurture, teach, and train up our community to share the love and hope that we all have found in Yeshua the Jewish Messiah!


Worship – We desire to love The One True God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. This is more than just a metaphor, more than a quaint idea from days of old, and more than lip service at Beth Yeshua. We will worship Him with prayer, song, dance, community, work – we will worship Him all the time!

When you come to one of our services expect to be surrounded by people who desire to EXPERIENCE God rather than just talk about Him. Experiencing God is what we (humanity) were designed for!

We also believe that our name, Beth Yeshua (House of Jesus), is more than just a name. It is a calling. We will proclaim that Yeshua is Messiah boldly – and cry out to Yeshua, “Baruch haba b’shem Adonai!” Blessed is He who comes in The Name of The Lord! In our congregational services you will often hear us talk about our Messiah – because we are IN LOVE with Him!

Community – We are Jews and interfaith families living in a community that is bound to loving God. It is perhaps helpful to think of us as an OLIVE TREE designed by God. We are Jews and Gentiles supported by the Root of David, Yeshua.

Community is a big deal to us so we try to provide many different ways for our members and guests to be involved in one another’s lives:

1) We offer potluck onegs after our Shabbat Shacrit services so that everyone can hang out and nosh together. If you are a guest you don’t need to feel obligated to bring any food, just come and hang out with us!

2) We offer Men’s and Women’s Fellowship meetings. These are excellent opportunities to connect, learn, and live together! Click here to find out more about our Men’s Fellowship – and click here to find out more about our Women’s Fellowship (Sisterhood.)

3) We highly encourage all of our community to host an Erev Shabbat meal and invite others over to your house on a Friday night.

4) We offer weekly Shabbat Shacrit services, and services for The Feasts and Holy Days. For an idea of what a typical Shabbat Shacrit Service looks like click here.

Education – We offer many opportunities to learn at Beth Yeshua. Whether you want to learn to read Hebrew – or just want to learn what Messianic Judaism is all about – we have you covered! Click here to check out our education resources.

Israel – We believe that the existence of Israel is not just a cool side note of history – it is a miraculous work of God. We support ministries within Israel, we pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem, we encourage visits to Israel, we recommend aliyah – in short we believe that God promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob a REAL, PHYSICAL land. And the God we serve keeps His promises.

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